Gingham Trousers


How was everyone's weekend? I attended an amazing workshop on Saturday held by the London School of Styling. The workshop was called 'Breaking into Fashion' and it was honestly so helpful! We were given some amazing tips on how to get into the Fashion Industry and it really gave me an insight to the Styling side of Fashion. Where I study fashion design at uni, we cover so many areas but styling isn't of them. Or if it does, it's not enough to give us a good idea of what it involves or how you can get into styling. I really recommend that you take a look at their website if you are interested in becoming a Stylist or even if you're just curious! - London School of Styling

Top - New Look
Gingham Trousers - Primark
Silk Scarf - Small Boutique in Paris
Loafers - Clarks
Bag - Topshop
Sunglasses - Primark

*The top, trousers and scarf are all old but I'm pretty sure you could find similar items on the high street. 

For this outfit, I took some inspiration from one of my favourite style icons, Audrey Hepburn. I wanted my outfit to be simple yet chic and stylish, like many of Audrey's outfits. So I opted for these black and white gingham trousers and a plain black top. They would have looked fine on their own but I wanted to add a bit of colour to the outfit. I did this by choosing a silk scarf that I brought in a small boutique in Paris a couple of years ago. I love the colours in the scarf and I thought it would look great against the black and white. As well as the scarf I chose this blue bag to match the blue in the scarf and it adds the pop of colour I wanted. This outfit is now my go-to outfit for when I want to look smart but chic at the same time.

Since loafers are big again this season, I decided to dig out my ones from last year. They are still quite comfy but they are getting a bit battered from wear and tear. I may need to invest in a new pair soon. Actually, I say they're comfy but I wore them to London on Saturday and they hurt my feet so much! Towards the end of the day, I was genuinely limping and I had to cover the backs of my feet in plasters. So, they USED to be comfy.. haha :)

I have an outfit lined up that is inspired by another of my favourite style icons, Alexa Chung! It will be on my blog soon! Who are your favourite style icons? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a great day! :)

Hello September!


A new month! A fresh start!
So it's September now which means for us students, that we go back to school/college/uni soon. I'm about to go into my second year at uni! I'm excited but at the same time, I'm actually quite anxious about it. Everything is going to step up now, the workload, the deadlines, the stress...ahh! It's giving me a headache just thinking about it! Which is why I'm planning to be super organised this year! I say it every term... but this time, I plan to stick to it! I feel like I have come so far with my blog over the summer and I don't want it to stop. It's going to be hard but others manage to do it, so I can too! It might mean I have to go down to one or two posts a week but it is better than nothing. I'm hoping that I will get into a routine which will help a lot.

If anyone has any tips on how to stay super organised, please let me know in the comments! It will be greatly appreciated! :)

Leather Jacket - Topshop
Knitted Jumper - Primark
Culottes - New Look
Mules - 4th and Reckless
Mini Backpack - Topshop

How cute is this mini backpack from Topshop!? It's adorable! I absolutely love the lilac colour and it is actually one of the main colours for AW16. This bag is perfect for adding a pop of colour to any outfit! I didn't actually plan to buy it though, the only reason I bought it was because my favourite red bag broke when I was on my way to London a couple of weeks ago. The handle snapped from where I have used it so much and I needed to get a replacement. I planned to find a canvas tote bag in Topshop on Oxford street but I couldn't find any. Then I found this little cutie. I'm glad I did find it as I love it!

I love this khaki knitted jumper from Primark and it is only £6! There were so many colours too! I can't wait to stock up on them for Autumn as they would be perfect to wear to uni. They are easy, stylish and keeps me warm! Talking of Primark, I have just found that they sell berets!! If you haven't read my last post, I am going to try wearing a beret this season as I have always wanted one and thought I would give it a try. I was planning to get one from eBay or Amazon but I was unsure on what the quality would be and to find that Primark is selling them is great news! They are only £6 too!

Since I chose this khaki jumper for the outfit, I thought the mules from 4th and Reckless would go nicely with the jumper. I still find them a bit high but I am getting used to them! It just might be a while until I wear them for a full day! haha!

I found these pale culottes in New Look's sale and loved them at first. But...that was a good few months ago now and I haven't worn them until now. This is because I think they make me look really pale. If I had a lovely golden tan then maybe I could pull them off better but nope. I like them but after seeing them on, it has just put me off them. I think they look alright for this outfit but I don't think I will wear them again.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments and I will reply as soon as I can!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Autumn Must Haves


It's the last day of August!! Where has the summer gone!? It only feels like a couple of weeks ago that I broke up from Uni for the summer! However, I am really looking forward to Autumn! 
I love the autumnal season, even the bad weather, mainly because I can wrap up warm. I love wearing thick knitted jumpers and wearing huge blanket scarves! And don't get me started on all the amazing coats...I just love it all! 

For today's post, I have decided to share my Autumn must haves with you! There are so so many things I'm after at the moment including the Gucci dupe loafers that everyone is loving at the moment!! I think I may have to write a separate post just on shoes alone! 

I was going to list all the links below but it looked a bit messy to me! So for all the item details and links, click here

I won't go through all the items above and tell you why and that, as that will take too long! But I will share my top five with you and tell you why I love them!

1. Floral Dress - Zara
Okay, so this floral dress is so so cute! I love the print and the ruffle details on the bodice, it is just perfect for Autumn! Pair it with a beret, tights, loafers (Gucci dupes of course!) and a bit of red/pink lipstick! 

2. Black Beret - Net-A-Porter *I would most likely get one from eBay.*
I have always wanted to try a beret but I could never bite the bullet and try one. So this year, I have decided to go for it and get one! I feel like my personal style has changed since then and now I am a lot more experimental with my outfits! 

3. Embroidered Boots - Miss Selfridge
These boots are just perfect! I love everything about them; especially the floral embroidery!! From the items above, I would style these with the black mom jeans, the white lace blouse, the dusty pink coat and have the mustard bag to bring out the hint of yellow/mustard in the boots. I have so many ideas on how to style these beauties!

4. Tapestry Backless Loafers - Topshop
At the moment I think Topshop are killing it with shoes/boots! There are so so many I want from there, it's unreal. It was hard to choose what shoes I wanted to include in this post but I have decided to go for these backless beauties! I love the tapestry fabric used and I think they will be perfect for the transition into Autumn. 

5. Teal Mini Crossbody Bag - Zara
My favourite part of this bag is the strap detail. I love it! You don't often see bags where the main detail is on the strap, it is usually on the main body of the bag. The colours used for this bag go together so well, it is just so perfect! 

What are your Autumn must haves? Do we share any? Let me know! :) 
If you have a post like this, leave your links below as I would love to have a look! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Hope you have a lovely day!

Khaki Mules


Out and about again, exploring the back streets of Rochester, Medway. I think I have found my favourite street to get my photo's on, it's cute and secluded so you don't get many people in the background or cars for that matter! There are quite a few streets like this around Rochester but this one is my favourite at the moment! My boyfriend and I wanted to go for a walk around the castle grounds and wander around a bit more but it was just so hot and we couldn't really appreciate it properly. So we decided to head home but to be honest it was just as bad being in the flat than it was being outside. 

* Before you scroll down to the photos, I must say that I have awful tan lines on my feet. It's not dirt or anything! haha! It's down to me wearing trainers a lot and now I have unfortunate tan lines. I didn't realise until I started editing the photos and now it has made me a bit conscious! In some of the photos you can't tell but yeah. Just thought I would put that out there in case it is mistaken for dirt. This is another reason why I prefer Autumn! I don't get tan lines! ;) 

Top - New Look (old)
Skirt - Topshop (old)
Khaki Mules - 4th and Reckless
Bag - Primark (old but there is a similar one in store)

The main focus of this post is these amazing khaki mules from 4th and Reckless! I found them on Twitter a couple of months ago and I fell in love instantly! At the time they were holding a giveaway to win a pair of these mules and of course, I entered and hoped for the best. I was lucky enough to have won the giveaway and I chose these khaki ones. There were black and pale pink ones but I thought I will give the khaki ones a try. I love them and think they will be perfect to transition into Autumn. They are a little higher than I usually go for and I do need to practice walking in them a bit...I don't wear heels often unless they are boots! 
I really do recommend that you check them out because there are some really really nice shoes on their website and I can't wait to buy from them again! The customer service was amazing too! :) 

For the rest of the outfit, I'm afraid it is clothing that I brought a while ago and I thought would bring them up to date. The dainty florals are back on trend and it is a skirt that I can style throughout the Autumn months too; until it gets too cold obviously! Plus I thought the colours in the skirt matched the mules perfectly! As the skirt and the mules were the main part of my outfit, I decided to keep my top quite basic and I thought this one with the lace trim would be great for that. The lace trim doesn't take anything away from the skirt and the mules but it does add a little touch of detail that completes the look. 

How would you style these mules? I was thinking of styling them with my mom jeans next! What do you think? Let me know in the comments and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Hope you have a lovely day!

DIY - Bleach Painting


Recently, I have been wanting to do a bit of fashion DIY and I have had so many ideas of little projects I could do but no materials to do them. Plus due to finances at the moment I can't really go out and buy the materials I needed. So it got me thinking. What sort of DIY could I do that won't break the bank or cost a lot of money? I wanted to do something creative so turning an old pair of jeans into shorts didn't really cut it for me and I don't really wear denim shorts anyway...Now thinking of it, I don't actually own a pair!
I remembered that I did some bleach painting a while back but I used coloured paper instead of fabric and I loved it. So I thought, why not try it on fabric? As bleach turns fabric different colours (depending on the fabric of course!) I thought it would give a good effect. I decided to paint some flowers onto a black denim dungaree dress I had brought from New Look a while ago.

Before you start -
Make sure you're in a well-ventilated room!!
Open all windows, doors or whatever so you don't feel ill from the bleach. It is best to try and do this outside but if like me, you live in a flat; open all of the windows you can to allow the fumes to escape. I would recommend keeping one room in your house shut so that when you need a break from the fumes you can go into that room. My flat has a balcony door so I was able to keep the door fully open as well as all of the windows whilst I did this. Just keep in mind that bleach can be harmful  if inhaled and please read the warning labels on the side of the bottle.

I decided to test it out on an old pair of blue jeans to see what happens. That way, if my idea didn't work how I planned then I haven't ruined any clothing. The jeans I tested on turned a bit green and not what I had expected. So I thought I would test a little bit of bleach on the inside seam of the black denim dress. It turned out exactly how I wanted, so I went for it!

What you need -
- Household Bleach
- Old Paint Brushes
- Old Pencils
- Cheap Toothbrush 
- Garment of your choice
- Cardboard 
- Vinyl mat or cloth you can use to protect the floor/table
- Wipes/tissue
- Fabric dye pen

*Remember to wear old clothes as the bleach will...well bleach your clothes!*

1. Prepare your work area -
Lay out an old cloth or vinyl mat to protect the floor or table (wherever you're working). If working on the floor, the bleach will stain carpets so make sure you cover the area you're working on. I used a vinyl table mat on the floor. Make sure the pot of bleach and tools you're using are on the mat and maybe on top of some old newspaper/magazines. I did this but forgot to photograph it. Also, make sure you have some wipes or tissues on hand just in case. 

2. Cardboard -
Place some cardboard inside the garment and under the area you wish to paint bleach on. This is because the bleach will bleed through the fabric and this will stop it bleeding onto the back of your garment.

3. Start painting! - 
It's best to have a design in mind/a design to copy from/a template before you paint. I drew a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look and went from there. Once I got into painting, I changed and developed my design as I went. Use different tools to create different effects. I mostly used the paintbrush and the end of a pencil. You can use the toothbrush to create a spray effect but I didn't use this in the end. Just experiment! :)

4. Quick wash - (I set my washing machine to 40°C)
Once you have finished your design and you are happy with it, let it dry completely. Then put the garment into the wash. Only wash your garment, I wouldn't suggest putting it with other garments just in case the bleach leaked onto them.
The wash shouldn't ruin your design as it is already stained onto the garment but it might make the bleached areas look a bit lighter. The wash is purely so any excess bleach on the surface will wash away making it safe to wear.

5. Adding detail - 
When the dress had fully dried from the wash, I decided to add some detail into the design as I felt it looked half finished. I used a fabric dye pen in black (you can get these from any craft store) to add some details to the flowers. I wanted it to look rough and sketchy so it didn't matter if it went slightly wrong. However, if you wanted a more neat finish then just take your time.

6. Wear with pride!! -
Once its all done and finished, you can now wear it with pride! :)

There will be a full outfit post with this dress soon so make sure you look out for it!
Thank you so much for reading! This is my first DIY post and I hope you liked it! If this is something you would like to see more of, please let me know in the comments or through social media! I would love to start sharing more DIYs with you! (I have so many in mind!)

Have a great day!
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